Standard player layouts allow you to display groups of media content with a playlist on either the right or bottom of the media player.

Plugin Detection

Plugin and feature detection means your media will play on most devices without any extra work.


Most elements of the Enhanced Media Player can be modified using CSS, further information about styling players and the classes of each element can be found in the styling players section.

The control colours of both the Flash and HTML5 players can be altered from within the Viostream control panel. Custom skins can be created for these player upon request.

Secure Streaming

Secure streaming protects content from being shared or viewed by users not authorised to view the content. This is done by combining RTMPE encryption and SWF verification and applying the CP code to a sub account in Viostream. More information on secure streaming can be found in the documentation section.

Advertising Integration

Vioad users can also serve a number of different ad types within the Flash player, including pre roll, post roll, bug and overlay advertisements.


Closed caption display is available for media within the Flash player, with additional options for users to view transcript items in other players and to download a full transcript as a text file.